Everything You Need to Know About Bowling Scotch Doubles

Understanding Bowling Scotch Doubles: The Basics of The Scoring System and Rules

Bowling Scotch doubles is an exciting team bowling game that combines traditional bowling with a twist. In this game, the two sets of teammates must collaborate to hit and pocket the most pins in each frame. Bowling scotch doubles can be a great way to promote teamwork as well as have a fun and competitive game. It’s important to understand the basics of the scoring system and rules so that players can get off to a successful start.

What is Bowling Scotch Doubles?

Bowling scotch doubles is similar to regular bowling doubles except that there are two teams of two players sharing one lane, as opposed to two separate lanes. Each team must bowl five frames of alternating turns, with the same set of pins being used by both players on each team. This makes it a challenge as you must try to hit the pins that were just set up by your teammate. The team with the most points at the end of the five frames is the winner.

Benefits of Playing Bowling Scotch Doubles

Bowling Scotch doubles is a great way to engage in friendly competition with friends or family. The game can also be a great activity for corporate team building exercises. Playing bowling scotch doubles helps to promote collaboration between teammates as each individual must strategize their shot in order to effectively hit the pins. Bowling Scotch doubles can also provide an entertaining way for groups of people to come together and simply have fun.

How To Score in Bowling Scotch Doubles

Scoring in bowling Scotch doubles is not difficult to understand. Each frame and each set of pins is worth one point, with a maximum of ten points per frame. In each frame, the team’s objective is to hit down as many pins as possible while still scoring at least one point. If a player on a team throws a spare, meaning all ten pins are knocked down on the first ball, their teammate can attempt for a strike on the next ball, meaning knocking down all ten pins with one throw. If both players knock down all pins on their respective turns, the team will receive a score of fifteen points for the frame.

What Are The Basic Rules Of Bowling Scotch Doubles?

The basic rules of bowling scotch doubles are similar to those of the regular doubles game. Each team must bowl five frames, and at the end of the game the team with the highest total score wins. Before a game starts, the team captains should agree to the rules they should play by, such as how many pins should remain standing in order for a score to be counted. It is also important to determine the order of turns by which the teammates on each team will bowl. Generally, the two players should alternate turns in a clockwise rotation.

Team Requirements

The team composition for bowling scotch doubles must include teams of two people. It is not necessary for the teams to be made up of family members or even friends, as any two individuals can be teamed together for the game. Keep in mind, however, that it can be beneficial to find a team partner with complementary bowling skills so that the team can work together for the highest score.

How To Improve Your Performance in Bowling Scotch Doubles

In order to maximize your team’s performance while playing bowling Scotch doubles, it is important to pay attention to the strategies and techniques that should be used. There are certain tips and tricks that can be employed in order to maximize points and outscore the opponents. These tips can include using the correct bowling ball and techniques such as a ‘float’ or ‘slope.’

Tips For Improving Your Game

• Always keep track of the number of pins standing after each turn.
• Concentrate on aiming at the middle pocket of the triangle in order to knock down more pins.
• When attempting a split, throw the second shot with an inside-out angle.
• Adjust the ball weight, line, and start position to the conditions on the alley.
• If necessary, ask for assistance from an experienced bowler for tips and strategies.

Strategies for Winning

• When aiming for the split, try to leave all of the pins on the right side of the lane standing.
• Consider targeting specific pins in order to get the best angle for the next shot.
• Don’t forget about the basics such as keeping your eyes on the pin as long as possible and a consistent follow-through.
• Stay focused and practice as much as possible to become a better bowler.

How To Choose The Right Equipment For Bowling Scotch Doubles

When bowling Scotch doubles it is important to use the proper equipment to ensure success. Not only does the right equipment reduce the chances of injury, it can also help to improve your game. It is important to carefully select the correct bowling ball weight, size, and grip. Additionally, finding the appropriate bowling shoes is important, as they can provide stability, traction, and comfort.

Bowling Ball Considerations

When choosing a bowling ball for Scotch doubles, remember to take into consideration the weight, size, and grip of the ball. The weight of the ball should depend on the strength of the player. Generally, the ball should not exceed the player’s shoulder height. Additionally, the correct size ball should allow the player to be able to hold the ball with all four fingers in the ball’s finger holes. Finally, the right grip of the ball should fit comfortably in the player’s hand.

Bowling Shoes

Bowlers should select the right pair of bowling shoes to ensure stability and provide traction in order to improve their performance. Shoes designed for bowling generally have a flat sole and leather upper to provide a stable surface for the bowler. Additionally, they usually have rubber soles that provide maximum traction on the lane. Wearing the correct pair of shoes can help prevent fatigue and improve accuracy.

Common Questions & Mistakes When Playing Bowling Scotch Doubles

It is common for beginner bowlers to make mistakes when playing Scotch doubles. A few common mistakes include failing to scout the lane and all its conditions before beginning the game, as this could affect the outcome of a frame. Additionally, the bowlers should not forget to take into consideration the weight of the ball when selecting it for a game. Finally, it is also important to remember to mark score on the scoreboard after each frame.

FAQs About Bowling Scotch Doubles

What Should I Wear To Play Scotch Doubles?

When playing bowling Scotch doubles, it is important to dress comfortable. Wear clothes that will allow you to move your arms freely, and select shoes that are specifically designed for bowling. Also, consider wearing wristbands, gloves, and other accessories to provide extra grip on the bowling ball.

How Is The Frame Scored In Scotch Doubles?

In each frame of bowling Scotch doubles, each set of pins and each frame is worth one point. A team can score a maximum of fifteen points in a frame if both players knock down all of the pins. A spare (knocking down all pins on the first throw) and a strike (knocking all pins down on the first ball) can earn a team extra points.

What Is Different About Bowling Scotch Doubles Compared To Regular Doubles?

The only main difference between bowling Scotch doubles and regular doubles is that the players take turns on the same lane, not on two separate lanes. This means that each player will be playing on the same set of pins. Additionally, in bowling Scotch doubles players must collaborate in order to score the most points.

How Many Pins Do You Get For A Spare In Scotch Doubles?

If a player on a team knocks down all the pins on the first throw of the frame, it is referred to as a spare. In scotch doubles, if a team achieves a spare, their teammate can try for a strike on the next ball. This gives the team the potential to score fifteen points in the frame.

What Is The Best Strategy For Bowling Scotch Doubles?

The best strategy for bowling Scotch doubles is to first try to knock down the most pins possible in the initial throws. This will give the team more chances at achieving a spare or strike which can result in more points. Additionally, it is important to communicate with your teammate in order to develop a strategy that will work for both bowlers.

Tips For Beginner Bowlers Doing Scotch Doubles

For beginner bowlers doing Scotch doubles, it is important to practice and perfect the basics of bowling. Additionally, it is important to stay focused and be aware of your team’s overall performance. When scouting the lane, pay attention to its overall conditions such as the oil patterns, the condition of the pins, and any potential obstacles. Make sure to coordinate with your teammate in order to optimize your shots for the most points.


Bowling Scotch doubles is a great way to involve two teams in a game of friendly competition. Having a basic understanding of the scoring system, basic rules, equipment, and strategies can help players get off to a successful start. It is important to pay attention to the details of each frame, communicate with teammates, and be aware of the overall lane conditions. Being mindful of these concepts can ensure that players experience a successful and enjoyable game of bowling Scotch doubles.

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